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Australian photographer Ward Roberts has caught our eye, with his older series of work titled, Courts. In a beautiful collision of line, colour and symmetry, the series documents the simultaneously dense and empty expanses of sporting fields and courts around the world. Once populated and well-used, Courts makes a quiet comment on our indoors-y tendencies and abandonment of outdoor activities. 

We’re drawn in by the bold pastels, colour codes and beautiful architectural structures which surround and complement the environments. 

Enjoy more of Ward Roberts’ work here.

I still have to remind myself to brush my hair and look socially acceptable


Please help my friend, collage artist Tracy Jager, to move closer to the professional collaging market. She currently runs an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds, in order to be able to buy materials needed to join two major art markets soon, that will further help her goal to become a full time artist.

I share a personal connection with Tracy, not just because we’re both illustrators, but also because we both have had similar health issues in the past that left us partly unable to fullfil our dreams. But we both sprang up, and we’re now ready for the big dream. If you can, please contribute to her campaign here, or buy one of her works.


fall pastels…plus love this haircut!


fall pastels…plus love this haircut!


Birds of Prey.
Men’s Folio Singapore.


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